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Studio Policies

 (Please take a moment to go over these with your dancer)


All students are requested to arrive on time for their classes and, while on the premises of the studio, conduct themselves in an orderly manner.


Birmingham Dance Theatre is not a baby-sitting service. Please do not leave your children unattended when they are not in class. Parents are requested to pick up students as soon after class as possible. All BDT access doors are locked during class hours, except the front door.


NO GUM CHEWING at all in BDT at anytime.


No food or drink is allowed except in the tabled or designated areas. PARENTS & STUDENTS are responsible for cleaning your area especially after eating. Please do not bring cupcakes or messy items for birthdays or parties. Use goody/treat bags that can be taken home.


The office sells healthy snacks to dancers during office hours. Drink machines are located between the dressing room and restrooms. BDT does not have keys to drink machines to make refunds.


ONLY covered water bottles will be permitted in dance rooms.


No running in the hallways!


No pets allowed in the studio unless held.

Please wear a cover up and street shoes when you leave BDT. We ask all students to wait inside the studio until they are picked up.


It is illegal to park or double park at any yellow curb, by order of the fire and police department. PLEASE do not leave your car unattended at the yellow curb area in front of BDT.


Please put student’s name in all shoes and clothing. We cannot be responsible for items left at BDT and will donate all lost & found items to charity after 90 days.


The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a child from class due to disciplinary problems.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


If a class enrollment does not exceed the appropriate amount of students, that class will be cancelled and students will be reassigned to another class


In order for your child to get the full benefit of classes, it is important that teachers be able to devote all class time to teaching. If you have questions/comments, please leave a message with the office or email the instructor. We are interested and do care. Please email the office and your email will be sent to your child’s teacher. All teachers are available to discuss your child’s progress and goals. As a courtesy to our parents, information will be emailed regularly and will contain important information regarding upcoming events and payments that are due. Please pay careful attention to these newsletters, as this is our way of communicating with you. The office staff is always willing to help students when they have questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to approach them.



Dress Code:


For your convenience, BDT sells ballet shoes (leather and canvas), tap shoes, and dance paws. These may be purchased at the time your child registers and throughout the year.

Inclement Weather:


In case of inclement weather, please watch for an email and/or text from the studio. The studio does not always close in accordance with area schools. BDT does not prorate tuition for weather cancellations, but makeup classes may be scheduled.



Call Us : (205) 822 - 3012

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